The Answers You Need

Q: How does BorrowCup work?

A: Using a BorrowCup is simple, all you have to do is ask the staff at one of our participating cafes, and they’ll serve your coffee in a BorrowCup. After, you finish your coffee, just pop your empty BorrowCup in one of the BorrowCup bins on campus. There’s no need to clean the cup, we do that for you in a commercial dishwasher, and send it straight back to the cafe.

Q: Does BorrowCup cost anything?

A: BorrowCups is a free service, so it won’t cost you a thing to use a BorrowCup. Just be sure to return it after you’re done with it so that others can enjoy using BorrowCup too!

Q: Who can use the BorrowCup service?

A: Anyone can use a BorrowCup - students, staff, and visitors.

Q: Do I need to sign up to BorrowCup to use it?

A: No, all you have to do is ask your barista for a BorrowCup when you make your order.

Q: Where can I return a dirty BorrowCup to?

A: After, you finish your coffee, just pop your empty BorrowCup in one of the BorrowCup bins on campus. To find the closest return bin to you, check out our BorrowCup map here.

Q: Why should I use BorrowCup?

A: Simple - you’ll do something good for the environment, and feel good about it too! At BorrowCup, our mission is to move towards a more sustainable future by giving you a convenient and more sustainable alternative to disposable coffee cups since they aren’t recyclable. By using a BorrowCup instead of a disposable one, you’re saving the planet from more waste, one coffee cup at a time!

Q: How are BorrowCups cleaned?

A: The health and safety of our fellow BorrowCup users is our top priority. We have a dedicated team that cleans all the used BorrowCups in commercial grade dishwashers, so that they’re safe to use for the next person.

Q: At which cafes can I find BorrowCup?

A: You can currently find BorrowCup at nine different cafes around Monash Clayton campus, including:

  • Cafe Nesso (LTB)

  • Cafelito (LTB)

  • Taste Baguette (Menzies)

  • Church of Secular Coffee (Northern Plaza)

  • Wholefoods (Campus Centre)

  • Super Natural (Campus Centre)

  • Swifts Cafe (Matheson Library)

  • Script (Jazz Club)

  • Cinque Lire, (STRIP Building)