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What is the Monash Recovery Challenge?

A platform that connects Monash students who are passionate about contributing to a sustainable recovery from the pandemic, with defined local sustainability challenges that Monash University are facing and are interested in solving. The platform is about connecting those at the University who are exposed to local recovery challenges on a daily basis, with those who have the time, skills and drive to solve these problems. While a green recovery is a global challenge, starting locally is essential to validate the size of the problems and the possible solutions. 

Why is BorrowCup launching this initiative?

When the pandemic hit BorrowCup decided early on to shut down our operations at Monash University. But with crisis comes opportunity - we had the opportunity as a team to look inwards and ask ourselves how we might still achieve our vision of making the campus more sustainable, in the wake of the crisis. While BorrowCup aims to get rid of waste from disposable coffee cups, we are also a case study of how the campus can be used as a living laboratory for multidisciplinary teams to test, validate and scale solutions to sustainability challenges. We felt a deep impetus as a team to contribute to a green recovery and we saw an opportunity for this model to be scaled even in our virtual campus. In this way we hope to build Monash back better by connecting the exceptional human capital that exists amongst the metaphoric walls of the campus and providing them with the networks and tools to contribute to a green recovery. 

How does the Monash Recovery Challenge work? ​​

  • Step 1 - Monash community members, staff or students, submit defined recovery challenge questions with supporting data to contextualise the problem. 

  • Step 2 - Students view the challenge board and start thinking about ways they could solve the problem.

  • Step 3 - Individual students or teams submit a preliminary idea for a solution.

  • Step 4 - We connect teams with the resources they need to design a pilot to test their solution. 

  • Step 5 - Once teams are ready for mates, we help them to build out interdisciplinary teams. These team members will come from extra-curricular, co-curricular or curricular programs. The secret sauce behind the Recovery Challenge is that multiple faculties at Monash University have agreed to provide students with credit to participate in one of these teams. This will enable the teams and their solutions to be truly accessible, diverse in thought, diverse in life experience and multidisciplinary. 

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